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Presentation coaching

Individual coaching

Let us work together to create the impact you really need to make with your presentation.

Group coaching

Also serves as presentation skills training.


„Working with Petr has been a great experience. I've used his skills for organizing presentation workshops preparing speakers for the biggest Open Source conference in central Europe - DevConf.cz 2016. Reaching an agreement on the agenda of workshops has been very easy and Petr showed great organizational skills. Also the workshops were great and I got loads of positive feedback on Petr's work there. I wouldn't hesitate to use his skills again.“

Václav Pavlín
Software Architect, Red Hat

„I was lecturing with Petr a communication training course at Masaryk University. Petr is highly communicative and engaging presenter. He is able to coach others in theirs rhetoric skills, give them support and point to the areas where they can improve.“

Martin Křivánek
lecturer, Masaryk University

„Petr has been my teacher in a course at Masaryk University. Throughout the course, He was encouraging us to come with our own opinions and ideas; in fact, we were creating new things together. My public-speaking skills have improved a lot. Petr's course of Communication Training has even exceeded my expectations and is certainly worth trying!“

Anna Hrubanová

„Petr is a very enthusiastic lecturer, his way of teaching is energizing and positive. He has skills to communicate and to open up a divergent group of people - I was part of one of these groups when he was lecturing us about communication skills. His lectures were interesting and always varied from each other, there were always something to look forward to.“

Václav Maliňák
Software Developer, Kentico Software

„I totally admire his honesty and sensitivity. Make no mistake - he may not seem sensitive and at all, and yet in many occasions I was striken with precision of his exchange with a workshop participant, he connected empathically with wide awareness of personal and group context. One of very few people I trust to take them as co-trainer.“

Ondráš Přibyla
communication coach and trainer


Mgr. Petr Holík
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