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Presentation coaching

My mission: I want people to reach mutual understanding and harmonious coexistence.

Mgr. Petr Holík

Why I teach people presentation?

I want people to share themselves with others, their values, wishes and visions. I believe that honest and skilled sharing is a necessary step towards a mutual understanding and harmonious coexistence.

My story in a nutshell:

I graduated at Faculty of Science and as a fluvial geomorphologist I got to do scientific work in Bohemia as well as in the Arctic. Beside that, I was penetrating the art of improvisation in evenings, I met the magical Prostor J4 at the Masaryk university and I started to learn from my master and I embarked on my career as a teacher of communication. I managed Science slam in Brno for four years and I worked with scientists on popularizing lectures for the public. Recently, I’ve discovered that not only can my body talk, it also likes to move. I followed this discovery and I took up physical theatre.

At the moment, I teach presentation skills and improvisation in business, nonprofit or at universities. I support people so that they discover their own way in public speaking. I don’t like universal advice, tips and tricks. I want to see every one of us exactly the way they are - on stage, at a conference or at home in their living room - it doesn’t matter. I’ve worked with hundreds of students and seen thousands of presentations throughout my work at university. Thanks to this experience I’ve had enough time to identify the areas that people need to train in and I still explore other ways to make the presentation effective - so that you wouldn’t try to say something but your words would have actual impact.

I’m a beginning magician of Nonviolent communication. I spend my time with various groups of people and I talk with them about what they experience and I try to demonstrate that our attention is like every other muscle in our bodies - depending on how much we train this muscle we can accordingly use it. I devote my attention to people in order to understand them so that I can subsequently help them to build bridges to others. It is not important what they say but whether their conversations build up mutual understanding. I teach people where to focus their attention to do so.

My theatre career, after grammar school’s drama club, started with the project IMPRO DŽOW as improvised comedy sketches once in a month in Brno. After few years, I felt the desire to try out new forms. I founded the Up the Glen theatre company and we tested together the genre of physical improvisation. I still felt that theatre can be even more magical, so I started to do physical theatre in BuranTeatr in Brno where we produce physical tracts out of our hearts.

I can’t say who I am - an educator, coach, actor, performer, improviser, university teacher, comedian, dancer, idiot, human - or just a guy who likes being around people and wants us be able to live together. If these paragraphs didn’t give you an idea about who you are dealing with, then call me, and I take you for a cup of coffee. We will talk and that should, in my opinion, work.

My colleagues

Mgr. Petr Sucháček

Mgr. Petr Sucháček

After finishing his degree in pedagogy, Petr has been further developing his knowledge in postgraduate studies. He has been lecturing several subjects at Masaryk University, among them communication training, pedagogical education or improvisation workshop. Petr believes that only through quality conversation the world can become a better place for living. Helping speakers with their presentations for Science Slam and Brno TEDx during presentation couching makes him happy.

Mgr. Hanka Vrtalová

Mgr. Hanka Vrtalová

Hanka is an English teacher and is also engaged in pedagogy. She teaches communication training, improvisation workshop, inspiration course for teachers and teaching practice reflection. For Hanka, communication is mostly about listening as she believes this leads to mutual understanding. In presentation couching, Hanka enjoys training the speakers for speeches both at the university and beyond.