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Presentation coaching

To create a presentation does not mean to fill in PowerPoint slides, but to design an experience for your audience.

Are you going to hold a presentation with your colleagues on a conference? Do your employees need a kickstart in presentation skills? Do you often give presentations and want to bring it to a new level? Group presentation couching is based on teaching each participant to work in an effective way while creating a speech and a presentation. It does not matter what you say. What matters is what impact will the presentation have after you have finished.


23 000 CZK per 3x3 hours

How do I work with groups? Well, let me give you an example. Two consecutive years I coached about 30 employees of Red Hat company. They were getting ready for DevConf conference. We divided the work into several smaller groups and three meetings:

First meeting (3 hours)

At the first meeting we focused on general training of skills which the speakers needed for their presentation preparation. I showed them my favorite methods of thinking about the presentation structure, catchy intro and unforgettable ending. All this packed in a piece of lecture and lots of their practice.

Second meeting (3 hours)

This time we put the theory into practice. Every participant started to work on their own presentation for the conference. I led them through the creative process, from setting the presentation goals, presentation structure, various types of interaction with the audience to the usage of slides and requisites. Everyone was working on their masterpiece. In their own unique way. I helped the speaker with finding their own personal style of presenting in which they felt good and was nobody’s but theirs. To present parts of the code and other technical details in a way which would keep the audience’s attention was a challenge for us. At the end of the second meeting we talked about what would follow.

Third meeting (3 hours)

For this meeting, everyone brought their finished presentation. Whether they were using slides, flip chart or they played the guitar, they have experienced giving their final product. Out loud. In front of the group. Together, we used the creative minds of the group and each performer got a feedback. What did work? And what did not? What could we change based on the main goal of the presentation to make it even better? We trained hard and polished the details. I recommended specific tools for the speakers and specifically for them. No general rules.

When I am going to work with your group, you might need another meeting. Or a whole different type of approach. Let us talk about it. Find it together. Creating a presentation is an inventive process, flexible and sometimes unpredictable. Let us give it time. As much as it needs, as much as you want.