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Presentation coaching

To create a presentation does not mean to fill in PowerPoint slides, but to design an experience for your audience.

Do you need to put together presentation for a conference, meeting or speech at a square? I will work with you in a way, so that you would leave only the things that are important in the heads of your audience. Not only will I prepare a presentation with you, we will design the experience of your audience in order to fulfill your intention.


1 500 CZK per hour

In the past I worked with my clients at two sessions:

First session (2 hours)

We sat behind a table. They were talking about their presentation and I asked: „What are the goals of your presentation? When is it going to be and where is it going to take place? What stage of preparation are you in?“

I suggested a following procedure that fitted to their specific presentation. We were particularly focusing on:

Second session (1,5 hours)

During the week, in which we haven’t seen each other, they prepared a presentation in its most finalized form. They presented it to me and then again. We were training specific formulations and gestures. In the second session we were focusing on:

When I work with you we might need a third session or completely different approach to the work. We will agree on that and find it together. Preparation of a presentation is a creative process and is thus flexible and sometimes even unpredictable. We will give it as much time as it requires and as you will want.